A Love Story |College Life Story

Once Upon a time there was a boy lived in a city. Who study in a college of city. A Love Story of him, romantic love story and about love of him.

It was the first day in the college starting of new session boy goes every day college day by day he goes on. When the process of studying in college he fall in love with girl as love at first sight.

They usually seat together in the class, at lunch in college transportation. They truly fall in love more deeply. The days passes a way and the college life goes on.

Once they decided to go in a date in other word they decided to meet at the park. They make a timing to met at the park. 

In the decided day the boy went to park and he waits for the girl but she doesn’t arrive at the decided time. He waited for a hour and the girl arrived. Boy asked girl “Howdy where are you getting late ?

The girl I am sorry there was greater traffics on the way so I used to be now not coming on time. “It’s okay” stated the boy.

After a while the boy asks the girl for a kiss and the girl without a doubt closes her eyes and permits the boy for a kiss in her lips.

A Love Story - kissing coupleImage
A Love Story – kissing couple Image

But the boy kisses on the brow and says I have a entire life to do that Dear… And the boy just give a sweet smile.



Heart Touching Love Story – A Boy And The Girl

Long years ago in a town, A boy lived. He was so kind all his family were lived in his native village. He came into town for better jobs. He founds job and do well.

As he is busy in his own job. He was following way of life suddenly he met a girl who was so kind, wise, beauty, polite. At first look boy like her as he was alone in city they met everyday.

As we know love increases day by day if the love of two heart are true love, here same goes. their life goes on as normal.

Years past, but also their love lasts and fall more deeply in their bottom the heart. They made many PROMISES to each others. There family are also too happy for their relationship.

As both Boy and Girl are understanding they doesn’t cross the limit of Love and Romance.

Promise Hand
Promise Hand

There was One day, Which day was special day i.e. boy’s Birthday. The was just begun at morning boy early woke up and do his usual work. In process of doing his usual work,

PHONE’S BELL HAS RINGS !! – He pick up the phone.

Boy : Hello !
Girl : Hey Dear, Happy Birthday.
Boy : Thank You, Sweetheart.
Girl : I’ll be at your house at 7:00 pm
Boy : Okay Sweetheart, PROMISE ??

Girl : Yes, I PROMISE, No matters what happens. I  Love You So Much Dear.
Boy : I Love You Too. I am going to cook for our dinner.
Girl : Ok Dear.

Boy his works, and day passes he made dinner for both at evening and waiting for her SWEETHEART at the clock there was exactly 7:00 pm. Girl doesn’t arrive. Waiting for her one hour past exactly 8:00 om girls arrives.

Boy : Hey Sweetheart, what took you so long ??
Girl : *She hugs him* Sorry.. There was a lot of traffic..
Boy : It’s okay dear as long as you are here.
You may be hungry.

(They went to dinner and ate together and talked suddenly *Boy’s phone bell rings* its was girls mother)

Boy : Hello !!
Girl’s Mom : (crying) Son I Have to tell you something, I am in the hospital right now my daughter was just passed out..(crying).
Boy : Huh, What are you talking about ?
Girl’s Mom : (in crying voice) She was in car crash an hour ago, She didn’t make it.

Boy “shocked” and look at his girl. The girl was in dark holding the wax light1(candle) saying, ” Baby, I did not break my PROMISE.

Secrets Of Self Confidence

What Is Self Confidence ?

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the belief in oneself-in one’s own strength, intelligence and abilities. Nothing is impossible who received grace.

But one must understand here clearly that grace is not receiving  from external sources or some other super natural power. He/She harness his/her own internal reservoir of Self Confidence.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” straightly said by Eleanor Roosevelt. Yes, the real power source exist within.

Who understands better then Hillary who says ” It is not mountain we conquer but ourselves”. It is the basic quality or important, which one most possess in this journey called the life.

There are many ways to boost your self-confidence but in my own lists are listed below :

  • Know Your Self
  • Understand “Your Role” and “The Work”
  • Act Confidently
  • Observed Your Breathe
  • Meet Commitment

Above points are described below in various block each individually.


To boost or rise the self-confidence you should identify one’s aims, strengths, weakness and purpose is the first step of realizing self-confidence. Once you know who you are, what’s your aim vision and priorities are, unprecedented clarity and confidence emanate from Inside.


I grow to be what i act out. the human thought accepts as fact all external behavior, gestures and speech we display to ourselves and to others.

If i can act assured on the outdoor even when i am shaking from inside, it slowly will become a habit and my existence adjustments permanently.


This means basically answering the five W/H’S of the job: what, why, when, where and how, and what i need to do to get the job done.


We program our sub-conscious via our personal thoughts, feelings and deeds. By failing to maintain small every day guarantees you are surely saying to yourself, “i am no longer any one who can hold promises“.

This mindset uproots self self belief completely. It is in your favor now not to promise whatever that you cannot fulfill whilst harnessing all your energies to achieve what you ever promised.


As your breathe is so your existence will be, shallow and fast respiratory leads in internal turmoil, careworn mind and overpowering stress ensuing in lack of self assurance and ability to do anything.

Watch Your Breathe
Watch Your Breathe

Breathing reduces stress and physical ailments. It additionally prompts our centre of self belief and balances of oxygen and carbon dioxide blood level, normalizes coronary heart rate, massages the interior organs, and elicits the rest response.

Article About Watermelon

Watermelon is scientifically categorized into Pumpkin family (i.e. Cucurbitaceae ), its scientific name is Citrullus lanatus. Its genus is Citrullus which is vine like plants of seven species of desert. Tore particularly in summer, this gigantic red wad of prosperity is stacked up with water and taste. The proportion of water present in this regular item and supports you in being hydrated and keeps your body cool.

Watermelon Diced
Watermelon Diced

Citrullus lanatus moreover goes about as in watchman and shields your skin from consume from the sun. You won’t get sustenance wants after its usage, it keeps your paunch feels filled. It is in like manner helpful for people with hypertension, yet in a most extreme. This one ought to be exhausted essentially reliably in summer. In my locality it is also the medicine for hot. It is called in KHARBHUJA in Nepali.

What Is Watermelon ?

It is the flowering plant giving a gaint round fruit which in filled with full of water and little amount of red colored flesh. Citrullus Lanatus is firstly orginated in West Africa.

Citrullus lanatus Can be found wild and it is extended west Africa to West India. It is the tropical as well as sub-tropical plants. It is just looks like pumpkin. This fruit is the world’s healthiest fruit presenting in our world.

Yellow Watermelon

Health Benefits Of Watermelon

As it is the healthiest fruit. It has many more benefits some of them are share through this article. The health benefit are listed below in bullet 👉👍👇👇👌👌.

  • Watermelon has Amino acid and Anti-oxidants which help our body function normally.
  • It contains lycopene due the presences of it. It helps to reduces hypertension,
  • lower risk of heart diseases and it protects the cells from damage.
  • Makes Your Skin Soft and Smooths as it contain the Vitamins(A,B6 and C)
  • It contains high amount of Potassium and Lycopene so we should consume as required for good health.
  • Shields your skin from sun
  • Makes your eyes healthy as it contains sufficient amount of vitamin A.

Amazing Facts About Watermelon

  1. It Contains about 92 percent of liquid/ water.
  2. We get 46 calories per cup(i.e. 152gms).
  3. It is anti-inflammatory fruit. (why ? it contains lycopene which make it Anti-inflammatory fruit)
  4. The heaviest Citrullus lanatus was 121.98 kg (Guinness World Record 2005)
  5. Seeds Of It Are fully nutrients.

Some Media Photos Of Citrullus Lanatus

Article About The Mobile Phone

In the world many much people play with mobile and have their own mobile phone. Mobile is a gadgets which can be used in good ways then it give us knowledge and the benefits to us. Nowdays, people are busy in the social media. Social media are right in their own way. But if we use it in wrong it can give us many problem.

Chatting with Mobile
Chatting with Mobile

If we used to chat long time then we would be missed our important works. When the holidays are begun especially, students who got mobile for the first time they used to chat, play youtube, playing video games. They only spend their time in Mobile. According to my experience when we got the mobile for the first time we chat with new friends for a long time. We failed to remember time we chat for late night even we don’t know about the time. As my experience we chat or play on mobile for a long time we would got the problem of headache, joint pain, back pain, etc. If we use to chat for a late night we will got many health problems. Some of them are illustrated below ;

Health Problem When We Chat For Late Night

  • The main problem is sleepless(Nepali = Anindra)
  • Face became dirty it means due to the late night chatting Pimples are appear on Face.
  • Dark circle would appear under part of the eye.
  • Hair Falling is another problem of the late night chatting
  • Stomach problem would another side-effects of it.

We should busy to us in our favourites work to avoid use of mobile. Parents of such children they should take their children with their parent. They should take in kitchen and teach about some of the kitchen work or some other words. Like meeting friends, roaming around some nice place keeping mobile at home or we should keep us our mind busy all the time. Or we can make a routine time table for chatting or playing mobile then the bad addiction of mobile would be departure. When we play with mobile many people used to take Selfie. Its good way to take small memory by taking selfie but to much taking selfie got many problems.

When we take Selfie The mobile phone produces a rays of light which is called electro magnetic radiation. It effects more than the ray of the son. Which caused the many problem like dryness of skin, Rapture of skin before the age, people looks older then age and the cream doesn’t work on face. So, it is dangerous to taking selfie much and many more time. When we are taking selfie we forgot to care about the our own health we are hurry to upload into the social media.

As we know above article described the problem of the using mobile for a longtime and taking much selfie caused different disease. So we should make a time table and we should care our health and We should use our gadgets/ mobile in right way.

R.B. Real Story Series – I

My Name is R.B. Limboo. I live in Kathmandu Nepal, Central Development region which is also known as Province 3. Today onward my real life story would be publish through this website. Entitled as the “R.B. Real Story Series.

My Birth And Birth Place

On 2056 Falgun 3 (1999/Feb/15) I was born or I was come into earth through Sarita Limboo And D.B. Limboo. >> Coming sOON Writing….

The Little Frog – A Story

Once there was a pond. There are many frog live in the pond. Many Frog have there own family and they live together in the pond in harmony.


In that pond a family of frogs was different then other. Father,Mother and Little frog (i.e. There Daughter/Son) are there family member. They live happily the little frog has different character because He/She doesn’t like his/her own color. So He/She Asked His/Her Mother about it ;

The Little Frog : Mother, I don’t like my own color. Can we change our as we want ?
Mother : Why don’t like our own Son/Daughter ? It is very nice.
The Little Frog : No, I don’t like. I wish that my color as pink as pink rose Mother.
Mother : What are you saying I didn’t understand Dear Son/Daughter.

There was a day in a summer season, The weather was Sunny and the sky was clear and Sun was glowing gently in that time the little frog was sleeping on the lotus’s leaf enjoying such weather. When the little frog sleep in the leaf. The little frog saw a dream,

In the dream The little frog was playing in their own locality and the colour of the little frog was as pink as pink rose. The wish of the little frog was complete and he/she is so happy and he/she dancing and jumping here and there.
(In the sky swallow = Gauthali are flying and they saw the as pink as pink rose frog then they describe him/her in positive manner “Wow what a beautiful pink frog”)
the little frog was too happy after a while jumping here and there he/she feels hungry to feed he/she tries to catch some prey he/she can’t catc. He/She tries many times to catch a his/her prey but he/she failed. Because of hid/her pink color the prey saw him/her clearly when his prey saw him/her they succeed to escape. In the process of hunting prey, He/She met to the biggest enemy The Snake when he/she saw the snake. He/She frightened and try to escape from it. He/She try to hide inside the rice’s grass which was green as his/her color was pink so can’t hide there. Again he/she try to hide in the mud due to the color of his/her body tin the mud also he failed to hide and the snake was coming nearer and nearer The little frog was more and more scared. In that process he/her suddenly woke. He/She was fully sweaty when woke up.

Firstly, He/She check the body colour the colour of body was same as natural gifted colour. He/she was too happy and the mother was searching him here and there she got him/her on the leaf of the lotus and the little frog tightly embrance the mother and thank her for giving the colour of body.
At last the little frog rejoice in the natural gift and doesn’t manke any wants which can’t be fulfill. And Live happly.

How is the story please give us feed back through comment box or contact us page. What is the central idea of the story ?

All About Mangoes (Nepali=Aap)

Mango is a king of summer fruit. Most of Mangoes species are found in nature as wild mangoes. The sort has a place with the cashew family Anacardiaceae. Mangoes are local to South Asia, from where the “normal mango” or “Indian mango”, Mangifera indica, has been circulated worldwide to wind up a standout amongst the most broadly developed natural products in the tropics.

What Is Mango ?

Mangoes are tropical Dupe or Stone Fruits, full and oval fit as a fiddle and about the size of a grapefruit. They have an consumable skin that reaches in shading from yellow to green through to red-green, contingent upon the assortment, while inside is a delicate, consumable yellow fragile living creature and a hard un-consumable stone.

Health Benefits Of Mango

Mango has many benefits as it is the king of the summer fruits. some of them are listed below.👇👇👇👇

  • Mango helps to prevent cancer
  • Mango has less cholesterol
  • Mango is good for skin
  • It improves the digestion system
  • It boost the immune systems
  • Mango is good for eye health
  • Mango helps to weight loss as it contains calcium and vitamin D

Amazing Facts About Mangoes

  1. Green or un-matured Mango has high Vitamin C but when it matured or ripen the mango got Vitamin A higher
  2. Firstly Mango was Grown on India About 5000 years ago.
  3. Generally, Mango are only grown on Warmer or hot Climate.
  4. The parts of mango tree like leaves,woods are toxic to the nature.(infects to lungs,eyes, etc.)
  5. Mango tree has very long life compared to other fruits tree(Some mango tree bear flower and fruits even in 299+ year.)

Some Media Photos Of Mango