Rice Pudding

Everything You Need To Know About Rice Pudding(Kheer)

Kheer(Rice Pudding) is a special type of food which is loved by all people made up Rice and Milk. Rice and Milk are the main ingredients for the kheer(Rice Pudding). It is famous in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and many other countries. Generally, Rice pudding is prepared and served in gathering, marriage, festivals and in different …

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Sliced Watermelon

Article About Watermelon

Watermelon is scientifically categorized into Pumpkin family (i.e. Cucurbitaceae ), its scientific name is Citrullus lanatus. Its genus is Citrullus which is vine like plants of seven species of desert. Tore particularly in summer, this gigantic red wad of prosperity is stacked up with water and taste. The proportion of water present in this regular item and supports …

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All about Story

All About Story

What Is A Story ? Story is a tale or narrative which are imaginary or real events told by a person for entertainment. In other words, it is the past events of someone’s life. Story can be categorized into many category but in my own category following story are included. Types Of Stories 1. Miniature Stories :It …

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