Secrets Of Self Confidence

What Is Self Confidence ?

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the belief in oneself-in one’s own strength, intelligence and abilities. Nothing is impossible who received grace.

But one must understand here clearly that grace is not receiving  from external sources or some other super natural power. He/She harness his/her own internal reservoir of Self Confidence.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” straightly said by Eleanor Roosevelt. Yes, the real power source is exist within.

Who understands better then Hillary who says ” It is not mountain we conquer but ourselves.” It is the basic quality or important which one most possess in this journey called the life.

There are many ways to boost your self-confidence but in my own lists are listed below :

  • Know Your Self
  • Understand The Work And Your Role
  • Act Confidently
  • Watch Your Breath
  • Meet Commitment

Above points are described below in various block each individually.

Know Your Self !

Know Yourself - Self Confidence
Know Yourself – Self Confidence

To boost or rise the self-confidence you should identify one’s aims, strengths, weakness and purpose is the first step of realizing self-confidence. Once you know who you are, what’s your aim vision and priorities are, unprecedented clarity and confidence emanate from Inside

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