Everything You Need To Know About Rice Pudding(Kheer)

Kheer(Rice Pudding) is a special type of food which is loved by all people made up Rice and Milk. Rice and Milk are the main ingredients for the kheer(Rice Pudding). It is famous in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and many other countries. Generally, Rice pudding is prepared and served in gathering, marriage, festivals and in different special occasions. In Nepal Kheer(Rice Pudding) is eaten in month of shrawn 15(May 31).

Facts About Rice Pudding(Kheer)

  • Kheer is also called the PAYASAM.
  • Kheer is not Rice Pudding but Similar to it.
  • Kheer is the South Asian Dessert Food.
  • It is the slowed-cooked of Rice, Milk and Sugar.
  • It is originated from the kitchen of Muslim which is the best dish in Eid Festival.

Recipe Of Kheer(Rice Pudding)

It has the many process and ways to preparation. By keeping all the ways Wanna give my own way Recipe of Kheer. Before starting some ingredients should be prepare all the ingredients you needs are listed below.👇👇👇

Ingredients :

  • Milk
  • Rice (Local Chaamal)
  • Sugar
  • Almond
  • Black Pepper (Marich)
  • Cashew
  • Cardamom & Cloves(Sukmel & Lwang)
  • Dry Coconuts

Proceed The Process :
Firstly👉 Boiled The Milk,
👉👉Then After Mixed the Rice,
👍👍Cooked it in low heat for 45 to 60 minutes
After That Add Cardamom & Cloves(Sukmel & Lwang), Sugar(as per taste), Black Pepper, Small Cut Dry Coconut, Cashew and Almond.
Mix it for finely in low heat and keep it for 4 minutes
At Last Add the Ghee As Per the taste and Cover it for Some Times. Now, Kheer is Ready To Serve.

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