What Is A Story ?

Story is a tale or narrative which are imaginary or real events told by a person for entertainment. In other words, it is the past events of someone’s life. Story can be categorized into many category but in my own category following story are included.

Types Of Stories

1. Miniature Stories :
It is the type of stories which is much smaller / Shorter then usual or normal stories.

2. Tale Stories :
It is the another type of story which includes told/relational/reactional happening in present past and future. It may be fictional or real story.

3. Fable Stories :
This types of story are similar to the Miniature stories. It is a fictitious story which meant to teach a lesson(moral) to the reader or listener. In such stories generally talking animal are taken as characters.

4. Myth Stories :
It is the story where traditional concerning early history of people where beyond nature (super natural) action are also included like rebirth, super power, endless life etc. like “THE MYTH”.

Historical Roads

5. Legend’s Told Stories :
Those story which are told my legend people/old people which are handed over for generations among us(people) which are popularly believed to have historical basis such story are called Legend Told Story. This type of story are not verifiable or verified they just like hypothesis.

6. Super Natural Stories:
Story which talks about the Super power beyond nature, witches, vampire, etc. are called super natural story. These types of story are very interesting for entertainment.

Super Natural Story

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