The Little Frog – A Story

The Little Frog red-pink-frog-flower

The Little Frog red-pink-frog-flower

Once there was a pond. There are many frog live in the pond. Many Frog have there own family and they live together in the pond in harmony.


In that pond a family of frogs was different then other. Father,Mother and Little frog (i.e. There Daughter/Son) are there family member. They live happily the little frog has different character because He/She doesn’t like his/her own color. So He/She Asked His/Her Mother about it ;

The Little Frog : Mother, I don’t like my own color. Can we change our as we want ?
Mother : Why don’t like our own Son/Daughter ? It is very nice.
The Little Frog : No, I don’t like. I wish that my color as pink as pink rose Mother.
Mother : What are you saying I didn’t understand Dear Son/Daughter.

There was a day in a summer season, The weather was Sunny and the sky was clear and Sun was glowing gently in that time the little frog was sleeping on the lotus’s leaf enjoying such weather. When the little frog sleep in the leaf. The little frog saw a dream,

In the dream The little frog was playing in their own locality and the colour of the little frog was as pink as pink rose. The wish of the little frog was complete and he/she is so happy and he/she dancing and jumping here and there.
(In the sky swallow = Gauthali are flying and they saw the as pink as pink rose frog then they describe him/her in positive manner “Wow what a beautiful pink frog”)
the little frog was too happy after a while jumping here and there he/she feels hungry to feed he/she tries to catch some prey he/she can’t catc. He/She tries many times to catch a his/her prey but he/she failed. Because of hid/her pink color the prey saw him/her clearly when his prey saw him/her they succeed to escape. In the process of hunting prey, He/She met to the biggest enemy The Snake when he/she saw the snake. He/She frightened and try to escape from it. He/She try to hide inside the rice’s grass which was green as his/her color was pink so can’t hide there. Again he/she try to hide in the mud due to the color of his/her body tin the mud also he failed to hide and the snake was coming nearer and nearer The little frog was more and more scared. In that process he/her suddenly woke. He/She was fully sweaty when woke up.

Firstly, He/She check the body colour the colour of body was same as natural gifted colour. He/she was too happy and the mother was searching him here and there she got him/her on the leaf of the lotus and the little frog tightly embrance the mother and thank her for giving the colour of body.
At last the little frog rejoice in the natural gift and doesn’t make any wants which can’t be fulfill. And Live happy.

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