Article About Watermelon

Sliced Watermelon

Sliced Watermelon

Watermelon is scientifically categorized into Pumpkin family (i.e. Cucurbitaceae ), its scientific name is Citrullus lanatus. Its genus is Citrullus which is vine like plants of seven species of desert. Tore particularly in summer, this gigantic red wad of prosperity is stacked up with water and taste. The proportion of water present in this regular item and supports you in being hydrated and keeps your body cool.

Watermelon Diced
Watermelon Diced HQ

Citrullus lanatus moreover goes about as in watchman and shields your skin from consume from the sun. You won’t get sustenance wants after its usage, it keeps your paunch feels filled. It is in like manner helpful for people with hypertension, yet in a most extreme. This one ought to be exhausted essentially reliably in summer. In my locality it is also the medicine for hot. It is called in KHARBHUJA in Nepali.

What Is Watermelon ?

It is the flowering plant giving a gaint round fruit which in filled with full of water and little amount of red colored flesh. Citrullus Lanatus is firstly orginated in West Africa.

Citrullus lanatus Can be found wild and it is extended west Africa to West India. It is the tropical as well as sub-tropical plants. It is just looks like pumpkin. This fruit is the world’s healthiest fruit presenting in our world.

Unrippen Watermelon
Unrippen Watermelon

Health Benefits Of Watermelon

As it is the healthiest fruit. It has many more benefits some of them are share through this article. The health benefit are listed below in bullet πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

  • Watermelon has Amino acid and Anti-oxidants which help our body function normally.
  • It contains lycopene due the presences of it. It helps to reduces hypertension,
  • lower risk of heart diseases and it protects the cells from damage.
  • Makes Your Skin Soft and Smooths as it contain the Vitamins(A,B6 and C)
  • It contains high amount of Potassium and Lycopene so we should consume as required for good health.
  • Shields your skin from sun
  • Makes your eyes healthy as it contains sufficient amount of vitamin A.

Amazing Facts About Watermelon

  1. It Contains about 92 percent of liquid/ water.
  2. We get 46 calories per cup(i.e. 152gms).
  3. It is anti-inflammatory fruit. (why ? it contains lycopene which make it Anti-inflammatory fruit)
  4. The heaviest Citrullus lanatus was 121.98 kg (Guinness World Record 2005)
  5. Seeds Of It Are fully nutrients.

Some Media Photos Of Citrullus Lanatus

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