Article About The Mobile Phone

Mobile phone article features image

Mobile phone article features image

In the world many much people play with mobile and have their own mobile phone. Mobile is a gadgets which can be used in good ways then it give us knowledge and the benefits to us. Nowdays, people are busy in the social media. Social media are right in their own way. But if we use it in wrong it can give us many problem.

taking selfie on Mobile
taking selfie on Mobile

If we used to chat long time then we would be missed our important works. When the holidays are begun especially, students who got mobile for the first time they used to chat, play youtube, playing video games. They only spend their time in Mobile. According to my experience when we got the mobile for the first time we chat with new friends for a long time. We failed to remember time we chat for late night even we don’t know about the time. As my experience we chat or play on mobile for a long time we would got the problem of headache, joint pain, back pain, etc. If we use to chat for a late night we will got many health problems. Some of them are illustrated below ;

Health Problem When We Chat For Late Night

  • The main problem is sleepless(Nepali = Anindra)
  • Face became dirty it means due to the late night chatting Pimples are appear on Face.
  • Dark circle would appear under part of the eye.
  • Hair Falling is another problem of the late night chatting
  • Stomach problem would another side-effects of it.

We should busy to us in our favourites work to avoid use of mobile. Parents of such children they should take their children with their parent. They should take in kitchen and teach about some of the kitchen work or some other words. Like meeting friends, roaming around some nice place keeping mobile at home or we should keep us our mind busy all the time. Or we can make a routine time table for chatting or playing mobile then the bad addiction of mobile would be departure. When we play with mobile many people used to take Selfie. Its good way to take small memory by taking selfie but to much taking selfie got many problems.

Chatting with Mobile

When we take Selfie The mobile phone produces a rays of light which is called electro magnetic radiation. It effects more than the ray of the son. Which caused the many problem like dryness of skin, Rapture of skin before the age, people looks older then age and the cream doesn’t work on face. So, it is dangerous to taking selfie much and many more time. When we are taking selfie we forgot to care about the our own health we are hurry to upload into the social media.

As we know above article described the problem of the using mobile for a longtime and taking much selfie caused different disease. So we should make a time table and we should care our health and We should use our gadgets/ mobile in right way.

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